Come See Us for Quality Pain Treatment at One of Our Centers in Either Cape Coral or Fort Myers, FL

Welcome to Dr. Isaacson’s comprehensive pain centers, where our dedication to leading-edge pain management technology and minimally invasive procedures is surpassed only by our dedication to the personal quality care you deserve. Our state-of-the-art facilities offer you access to the latest breakthroughs in pain management, including advancement diagnostics and treatment regimes. With two central locations to better serve you, our centers include a 13,000+ sq. ft. facility in Fort Myers as well as a 15,000+ sq. ft. facility in Cape Coral. Each of our facilities are held to the much more stringent state and federal guidelines and requirements that need to be met by world class Medicare approved and state sanctioned surgical centers.

Dr. Isaacson’s facilities are held to higher standards then other office based practitioners. His facilities are mandated to have emergency power backup generators that enable a minimum of several hours of operation independent of utility power. Additionally, each of his facilities has multiple operating room suites with redundant oxygen and power supplies. With the unpredictable nature of Southwest Florida’s weather, Dr. Isaacson felt that patient safety should be the absolute highest priority.

Our Fort Myers and Cape Coral based staff is part of a group of specially trained compassionate professionals at the forefront of pain medicine, providing comprehensive treatment for the management of acute and chronic pain syndromes throughout the spectrum of treatment.

Fort Myers Office building