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Does chronic pain keep you from enjoying your life fully? Do you have difficulty participating in hobbies you once enjoyed or even performing routine tasks at home and work? If you live with pain, don’t lose hope. More pain management solutions are available today than ever before thanks to advancements in medical research and technology.

Turn to our team of medical specialists at Wayne Isaacson, MD, for diagnosis and treatment. With offices in both Fort Myers and Cape Coral, FL, we are conveniently located to serve you. Let’s work together to help you understand your condition and treatment options.


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The success of a particular treatment varies from individual to individual. You may find that one drug or procedure offers sufficient pain management, or you may need a combination of treatments to get your symptoms under control. We’ll work with you for as long as necessary to find effective pain relief.

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Would you like to learn more about your options for pain management? Call (239) 939-7375 to schedule an appointment at our Fort Myers, FL, office. Or call (239) 242-8010 to reach our Cape Coral, FL, office. For instructions on what to bring to your first visit, see our Patient Info page.