Back Pain Relief in Fort Myers, FL

Back pain comes from many different sources, from sleeping in the wrong position to sitting too long. No matter the cause of your back pain, Dr. Isaacson and his team can help give you back pain relief. We’ll diagnose your condition and let you know which back pain treatment will be best for you. We are located in Fort Myers, FL, and serve the surrounding areas as well.

Learn About Our Treatments

We offer many different types of injections, such as cervical epidural, facet joint, intracapsular, lumbar epidural, sacroiliac joint steroid, and trigger point injections. The type of injection we use depends on the cause of your back pain. Your back pain could be caused by arthritis, pinched nerves, trigger points, inflamed tissue, or spinal conditions.

Besides injections, we offer neurotomy and blocks. We do lumbar radiofrequency, RACZ caudal, and cervical facet radiofrequency neurotomy, and lumbar sympathetic, medial branch, and stellate ganglion blocks. Neurotomy procedures are some of our least invasive, and block treatments often involve a series of injections. We also provide SCS implants on a trial basis.

Find the Right Option for You

Your back pain can be caused by different factors, and some treatments will work better for one cause than another. For example, certain injections work better if you have nerve swelling, but a facet joint injection will reduce inflammation. In addition, some of our treatments are less invasive than others. We will determine what is best and talk with you about your options.

Back pain can happen to anyone, but you don’t need to live with it. Dr. Isaacson and his team will help you get rid of your back pain and go back to your normal life. We’ll discuss your back pain treatment with you before we perform it to let you understand what is happening and why. To book an appointment for back pain relief, call us at (239) 939-7375.